Recently, we published a post on the high booking abandonment rate in the travel industry, and how select hotel brands are fighting it. Just 2% of hospitality site visitors complete a reservation, and 67.6% of hotel and lodging bookings are abandoned.

So far, follow-up marketing emails (sent by One & Only, Jumeirah, and Millennium Hotels) have proven to be the most effective tactic for nudging travelers to complete reservations. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Prestige Hotels Finds the open rate of these emails to be four times the standard marketing email.

But what causes customers to abandon a reservation just before completing and explore other options? SaleCycle, a remarketing company, is running a survey to find out the causes behind reservation abandonment. (

We will post a blog on the results. If you wish to tell us more about why you have left a reservation (or several) unfinished, email

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