Until recently, technology and fashion weren’t commonly discussed in the same sentence.


Yet, at recent gatherings like the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc Salon, designers agree that there is a need for more awareness and education about the past, present and future of what are now called wearables, technologies or fashion-infused technologies created to be worn on the body.


A new research report called Wearables 2014 released this week by Intel and L2ThinkTank points to areas where dialog between the fashion and technology worlds could lead to meaningful innovation.


The report is grounded in the view that wearables are not a new phenomenon. Humans have been wearing jewelry for millennia, eyewear and timepieces for centuries, and wearable computers for almost 60 years.


Yet the current market for wearable accessories remains bifurcated between fitness trackers and smart watches. The most visible things on Amazon’s new wearables storefront are controlled by GoPro, Fitbit, Jawbone, and Pebble.


Early brand efforts ported apps to new wearable platforms, such as Mercedes-Benz; enhancing customer service, exemplified by Virgin Atlantic; or experimenting to drive earned media as done by Kenneth Cole. This new report points out that pioneering efforts have opened new possibilities that will benefit from collaboration.


Sukhjit Dhillon, Contributor


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