Seeing Twitter’s weak growth, U.S. marketers are paying less attention to the platform. Only 19% allocate more than one-tenth of their digital ad budgets to the platform, focusing instead on Google and Facebook. Across regions, the average engagement rate languishes at 0.07%.

L2’s Intelligence Report: Social Platforms finds one key exception: Japan. The average Twitter post in Japan generates an engagement rate of 0.24%—six times the engagement of the U.K., the next highest region. Although LINE still dominates the mobile app race in Japan, Twitter remains a viable competitor, visited by more than a third of Japanese Internet users.

Brands have captured the attention of Japanese Twitter users by generating real-time conversations around live events. For example, VANS used the platform to announce a limited-edition product launch in collaboration with
the Japanese band ONE OK ROCK. Tweets spiked as a result of the announcement, with product launch-related posts garnering an average engagement rate of 1.8% – suggesting that contrary to popular opinion, Twitter can still offer opportunities for savvy brands.

Japanese Twitter

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