L2 released this week the Digital IQ Index: Luxury Hotels, which highlights an urgent need for more mobile investment in the category. Mobile bookings account for 18% of total digital travel sales, which means offering mobile booking services is no longer a point of differentiation for hotel brands. Investing in a site that allows for quick and easy mobile bookings is a must, especially as that share is expected to rise to 37% to 2018.


Hotel brands are ramping up investments in mobile apps and sites. All brands in the study offer a mobile-specific site or app, and 38% offer both. Mobile site investments have increased in the category; 84% offer a mobile-optimized or mobile specific site compared to 77% last year.


Yet the category still lags. Investments in mobile sites need to increase at a faster pace as 16% of brands used their desktop site as mobile. Fashion is the only category that lags behind hotels in mobile optimization.

LUX-HOTELS-01For more on how hotel brands are using digital to enhance the consumer experience, download a copy of the L2 study.

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