Social media is vital for luxury hotel brands, but they don’t perform as well as other luxury brands. Gartner L2’s Insight Report on the sector benchmarks how luxury hotel brands are utilizing Facebook Pages and Instagram Stories. Below, we call out the winners and losers across social platforms:


Although paid visibility is crucial for brands on Facebook, a number of free options are available to improve the experience on a hotel brand Facebook Page.

Winner: Loews Hotels & Resorts

Loews takes full advantage of their Facebook Page, with their verified icon, cover video, Book Now and Send Message call to action buttons, and an About feature, which only 10% of tracked luxury hotel brands utilize.

Loser: Joie de Vivre Hotels

Joie de Vivre leaves most of Gartner L2’s best practices checklist unchecked, including an unverified Page and a static cover image instead of a video. They provide a local instead of toll-free phone number and list themselves as a Hotel Resort in San Francisco, California, despite having locations across the country.

Instagram Stories

There are now 400 million daily active users on Instagram. Brands are responding to this by taking advantage of Stories and the “See More” links function, which drives users to brand sites within the Instagram app.

Winner: Raffles Hotels & Resorts

Raffles posted the most Stories in June, featuring specific hotel locations. Additionally, every Story had a swipe up feature that took followers to the specific hotel booking site.  

Loser: The Ritz-Carlton

Despite posting nearly four times as many Stories as the brand average in June, none featured “See More” links, leaving followers at a dead-end.


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