Another example of brain drain in a digital age: Carnegie Mellon loses 40 robotics engineers to Uber, who has been on a PR tour around the world speaking about how many people it is hiring. This represents a shift in academia, where tenured professors are likely to jump ship.

The last step of e-commerce delivery (truck to consumers’ hands) is still a field of innovation. This week, DHL, Audi, and Amazon announced a partnership that would allow them to deliver right to the consumer’s trunk.

Losers are people who like privacy, as L2’s Intelligence Report on Personalization finds that close to half of consumers don’t mind giving brands information in exchange for targeted offers.

This week has an ambiguous winner or loser: the person who paid $2.3 million to eat lunch with Warren Buffet. See full video for Scott Galloway’s thoughts and subscribe to L2’s YouTube channel for more.

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