An unlikely winner in a digital age: Moleskine, whose growth is in tandem with the rise of digital. Sales rose 13% between 2013 and 2014. Oddly enough, sales of Moleskine notebooks correlated positively with proximity to an Apple store.

Losers: Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher, Katie Couric and any other journalist who left a valuable platform. These star journalists lacked self-awareness and failed to recognize the value of their platform. Lesson of the day: unless you’re going to do something completely different, stay where you are. That could be the biggest takeaway from Vox Media’s acquisition of Re/code.

Zappos is losing this week as one in seven employees took the company on its offer of pay-to-leave. Taking care of employees is crucial to success: Starbucks, Facebook and Google are all successful companies with incredible shareholder value who treat their employees incredibly well.

Another winner: vertical video. Once scorned by medium aficionados, it makes up 29% of all video. Watch full video to see Scott Galloway’s preferred video frame and medium.

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