This week’s winners: Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook looks set to disrupt YouTube as mobile video continues its upward trajectory. Video traffic has exploded on Facebook, which now receives three-quarters of its quarterly ad revenue from mobile advertising — up from zero 30 months ago. This will go down as the greatest pivot in corporate history.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn has a more robust business model than Facebook since it has multiple strong revenue sources. LinkedIn is active in 200-plus countries, pretty much anyone who matters is on the site, and once you put a resume up, you’re unlikely to remove it.

Losers: The two-thirds of brands in L2’s Intelligence Report on Personalization that are not keeping messages consistent across channels. Few retailers have the technology in place to recognize consumers across devices.

As American infrastructure crumbles — public construction now accounts for the smallest percentage of GDP since 1993 — drivers who dislike potholes are losers. In Panama City, however, Ogilvy devised a solution where car-activated devices implanted in potholes automatically send nasty Tweets to the department of public works whenever a pothole is hit.

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