Wild success stories like Apple’s often give birth to many losers, which is why the smartphone industry has become the story of Android, iOS, and the seven dwarfs. Scott Galloway calls Sony a definite loser as its mobile phone business is bleeding cash, while the firm’s almost unheard of financial services division rakes in the most profit. The world’s once largest electronics company has slid to being an Apple supplier.

Flash sale sites are another loser as Gilt (arguably the leader of the pack) raised a second round of funding at a lower valuation than its 2011 series. Scott Galloway predicts the flash sale fad to go the way of Pet Rocks and Kato Kaelin.

This week is one of the few weeks where everybody is a winner. Besides Norway and autocracies like Russia and Saudi Arabia, lower oil prices are good for all countries. Scott Galloway calls it the most efficient $1.5 trillion worldwide tax cut.

The world (minus large corporations) won again this week with the US Federal Trade Commission’s ruling on Net Neutrality. Summarized in the words of Tom Wheeler: ‘This plan is no more a plan to regulate the internet than the first amendment is a plan to regulate free speech.”

An instance where the public lost: There are more people named John, Robert, William or James in corporate boardrooms than women. Watch full episode to see who Scott Galloway thinks is the culprit.

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