As the phone becomes the remote control for your house, the big winner in the $7 trillion Internet of Things market is likely to be Apple or Samsung. The two behemoths make more than 35% of devices shipped annually, according to L2’s inaugural Consumer Electronics Digital IQ Index. Apple might have an edge with controlled distribution and its unparalleled user interface, but Google, Amazon, and even appliance companies might also get in the game.

Another winner: Anastasia, an LA-based beauty company that started as a brow salon in 1997 and is now the fastest-growing prestige beauty brand, both overall and in online sales. The brand thrives on social buzz, particularly on Instagram, where it posts frequent on-trend content.

Stores are another big winner. We found that a brand’s monthly cost per website visitor goes down when they open stores. Even as Amazon’s value grows, bricks and mortar can build a winning strategy.

Where do shoppers go when they finish shopping? If they go out to eat, they’re likely to be dining alone. Dinner reservations for one have risen by 62% in the last year, according to OpenTable.

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