A loser: everyone who bets on technologies that never get out of a niche market. That means mass customization, Internet of Things, beacons, 3D printing, and the next big head fake – virtual reality.

A big winner: podcasts. The medium is rapidly growing, with 21 million hours of podcasts consumed each day – offering big opportunities for the media companies and advertisers who get in early.

A loser: Fitbit. Shares fell by 18% on the day when Fitbit released an Apple me-too product, the Fitbit Blaze, and all the new products introduced at CES will likely cause the company’s market share to continue dwindling.

Another loser: girls.  If you’re shopping for products, it’s typically cheaper to buy the “male” version. For example, Target sells red Razor scooters marketed to boys for $24.99, but the pink version marketed to girls costs $49.99.

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