Fashion brands have been growing their Instagram communities at a rate of 160% year-over-year rate, organically, according to L2’s Insight Report on Fashion and Social Media. This isn’t likely to last, and Facebook is likely to become a pay-to-play platform like owner Facebook. Who are the winners in this scenario? Brands building up their organic reach while they can.

Time Warner is finally off the dance floor, as it is acquired by Charter Communications. What does that mean? Consolidation in a losing industry. According to recent reports by Nielsen and Google, Google now reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds on mobile than any other cable channel does on TV. Video is emerging as one of the big advertising platforms, with 30% of ads coming from the CPG category.

Working mothers are still losing as several studies show women pay a tax for having children.

What are the deadliest jobs in America? Even though 11 of 100,000 police officers die on duty, taxi drivers, electrical workers, roofers have higher occupational mortality rates. Subscribe to L2’s YouTube channel for more.

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