How do you know if you’re wealthy? You don’t have to suffer through ads. Apple is letting users install ad blockers on its new iPhone, joining a growing number of ad-free digital products like HBO GO and Netflix. Google and Facebook might have to adjust their revenue models accordingly…

They’ll also have to look out for Snapchat, which now gets four billion video views per day, on par with Facebook. One brand benefiting from Snapchat’s success is BuzzFeed: more than one-fifth of BuzzFeed content is viewed through the platform. Beauty brands have also experimented on Snapchat with an eye towards its 100 million-plus users. Even Goldman Sachs is using Snapchat for college recruiting.

Equally popular with millennials is Amazon-owned e-sports platform Twitch, which also has more than 100 million users. Analysts predict e-sports will become a $1 billion sector by 2020, and e-sports events are rapidly drawing more viewers than traditional sports. More people watched the last League of Legends championship than the NBA Finals or Game 7 of the World Series.

Traditional athletes can still strike it rich — by partnering with brands. Michael Jordan makes more in a single year from endorsement deals and royalties from the Jordan brand than he did in his whole career as an NBA star.

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