A winner: Flipagram, a popular app that lets users string together photos and videos to make a mini movie. Brands like Lionsgate, Jack Daniels, and Uber have embraced the app’s advertising potential, but individual “flipastars” get more views –  just as vloggers dominate brands on YouTube.

A continued winner: WeChat, which is taking over engagement from microblogging platform Sina Weibo. Of the 100 Beauty brands in L2’s upcoming Digital IQ Index: China Beauty, 96 have WeChat accounts. One of the most successful is Lancôme, which accounts for half of the ten most popular posts by Beauty brands.

As software continues to create shareholder value, who is also winning? Philanthropy. Six out of the ten largest donors in 2014 come from the tech industry, and Mark Zuckerberg’s recent pledge follows in that tradition.

While Jackson and Sophia were the top baby names this year, Instagram was also a source of inspiration. Lux, Ludwig, Valencia, and Juno – all names of popular filters – surged in popularity by up to 75%.

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