This week marked the fifth birthday of the iPad, a winner considering it was the fastest Apple product to reach the 250 million shipments milestone. However, prices for the iPad have fallen even as iPhone margins remain consistent. Apple ships 60 million iPads a year, generating $30 billion in revenue. To put that in perspective, the iPad business alone is larger than all of Time Warner.

The American Institute of Architects takes a stance against unpaid internships, requiring all members applying for its prestigious fellowships to sign a document saying they never hired unpaid interns and never will. Scott Galloway calls unpaid internships sores on the media and fashion industries.

Posts about television are shared more than posts on any other media type, signaling the strength of the medium.

Can a society cease to exist? Japan runs that danger as fewer and fewer young people are supporting older people, and that trend is expected to continue. See Scott Galloway’s advice for Japan and other European countries with this dilemma. And subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

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