A winner: Amazon Web Services. With steadily increasing revenue, the cloud could soon surpass Amazon’s retail business. We predicted earlier this year that Amazon would decline in value – and we were wrong.

A loser: CNBC, or more broadly, any ad-supported media that’s not Facebook or Google. The cable channel is seeing plunging ratings; our Winners & Losers videos are on the way to getting more views than CNBC, proving that no one wants content interrupted by ads.

That truth is also part of Facebook’s business model. A continued winner, the company is actually earning more by cutting down on ads. In mature markets like the U.S. and Canada, immense stockpiles of user data let Facebook serve fewer but more targeted ads and charge exponentially more for each.

A winner: Kickstarters, which are making more money than most presidential campaigns. A piece of outerwear billed as “The World’s Best Travel Jacket” has raised $6 million, trumping Trump’s $5.8 million.

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