J. Crew is a loser in this week’s episode, with same-store sales declining in tandem with its digital fall. J.Crew’s Digital IQ rank in L2’s Specialty Retail study fell to an unimpressive 43rd of 80 brands. Why? Its in-house platform – once a sign of a digitally forward company – is now a liability. The absence innovative features such as in-store inventory (costly to implement on an in-house platform compared to the cloud) result in a so-so experience for consumers shopping the brand site. J.Crew is not the only brand falling behind for being a digital first-mover. See other brands in the same predicament in L2’s E-commerce Agility study.

Yik Yak – a messaging app that lets users message anyone within a mile and a half radius – is winning with more than 3.5 million users and a $400 million valuation.

Millennials are winning as the most competent generation. L2 Chairman and Founder Scott Galloway stirred a bit of controversy in his latest podcast when he called them the most talented. See full video to find out why he thinks corporations should stop whining and find ways to put millennials to work.

Republicans are losing the digital war. Two UNC Chapel Hill researchers found Republicans hired just 123 political operatives with substantial digital experience compared to 503 hired by the democrats.

Another group of winners: Waze users who will now listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his directions to supplemental hormone therapy and heart valve replacement centers.

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