In this episode of Winners & Losers in a Digital Age, Scott Galloway names iOS, GAP, and Richemont winners and Element Diapers, LVMH, and J.Crew losers. Even though iOS has just 12% of the global smartphone market share (vs. Android’s 84%), that 12% is meaningful. Seventy-nine percent of Black Friday mobile commerce was done on an iOS platform, and the average order value on the platform was $121.86 vs. $98.06.

Amazon’s new line Element Diapers are advertised as environmentally friendly, but Galloway says the retailer’s environmentally conscious stance is unbelievable. He says the premium-priced products will go the way of the Fire Phone.

In all L2 reports, each conglomerate has an enterprise score which is telling of how well the individual brands are working together. Richemont, for example, is taking advantage of centralized CRM to integrate store concierge services. LVMH has consistently low enterprise scores with a high standard deviation among the Digital IQ of its brands, which means they are not working together. Kering Group, on the other hand, has obvious consistent platforms, great customer service and sites that are easy to navigate.

A winner is GAP, which recently enabled shoppers to reserve items in-store without payment. The loser is J.Crew, which scored Average in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail, despite its legacy of innovation.

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