In this episode of Winners & Losers in a Digital Age, Founder and CEO of LUMA Partners Terry Kawaja fills in for Scott Galloway. Couch potatoes are this week’s winners, as beer companies fight for their dollars with expanded delivery options. In November, Miller Lite partnered with Drizly to create a Seamless-type service for alcohol. And last week, competitor Bud Light partnered with Klink to release a dedicated Bud Light button app that enables consumers to order up to 100 cases of beer with a click. Which service will emerge as a winner? The one that can secure the most partners and fastest delivery speeds.

The Super Bowl is coming up, and this year’s major players are Facebook and YouTube as they compete for viewers’ attention. For the first time in October, more videos were uploaded directly to Facebook than just shared on the platform. Uploaded videos have higher engagement rates than links, which positions Facebook to emerge as a winner.

Tree-huggers lose as JC Penney announces the return of their mail catalogue, which was discontinued in 2009. The catalogue is very much still in vogue; 58% of shoppers say they browse catalogues for inspiration and 31% have the catalogue on hand when making a purchase online.

Box shareholders win as shares rise 66% to over $23 per share, highlighting the need for simple, secure, cloud access.

And – last but not least – L2 Founder Scott Galloway is a winner for accurately predicting that Amazon Diapers would be dead on arrival.



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