Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.39.15 AML2 released this week an interactive infographic showing key findings from the Intelligence Report: Social Platforms. The report finds brands are currently on an average of 7.5 platforms and will soon be forced to be choosier about their partners. Presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is ubiquitous, and Adidas has the most widespread social presence on 13 platforms.

Facebook has now completely moved to pay-to-play, which could make it guilty of the greatest bait and switch in marketing history

Instagram has 18x the engagement rate of Facebook.

Brands should think local about their social media presence and tap native platforms. Some have already started. Brand presence on WeChat has jumped by 25.7% in the past year.

Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest and Tudou are experiencing negative brand adoption. Brands have left Vine in droves since June 2013.

Engagement rates for brand posts are declining on Google+, Instagram, Sina Weibo, and Facebook.

There have been 17 developments in social commerce in 2014 and none have been materially successful yet. See full infographic here.

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