The Wall Street Journal reported today that Yahoo is investing in Snapchat at a valuation of $10 billion. Last year, the founders were called “crazy” for rejecting Facebook’s $3 billion offer, but the brand has made strides in monetization and user growth since then. In May, Snapchat users were sending an estimated 700 million photos and videos per day, close to twice the 400 million exchanged in November when the news of Facebook’s offer broke.

Global brands have started to experiment with Snapchat; McDonald’s, Audi, Grubhub, Juicy Couture and HBO show ‘Girls’ are just a few. In his presentation at the DLD conference, L2 Founder Scott Galloway founder said brands with a mobile-centric and visual approach (characteristics of Snapchat) are the winners in a digital age . The graph below, referred to as the mobile/visual power grid, predicts how powerful brands can be based on their visual and mobile capabilities. Messaging app Line, WeChat, Instagram are other visual, mobile winners.

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