Before brands invest in driving more traffic to their YouTube channels, they’d be smart to first make sure users can actually find the content they’re looking for. It sounds obvious, but a recent internal analysis of 11 major beauty brands’ top 5 videos on branded YouTube channels revealed that only 53 percent of this content included a product name in the description. A further 13 percent didn’t mention the brand’s name or the¬†product name. Seven percent didn’t even bother to provide any description at all.


Below are examples of skincare line Kiehl’s doing video description effectively:



And not so effectively:



For years, YouTube has been the world’s second largest, second most popular search engine. A study released last week found that almost one third (31 percent) of U.S. shoppers regularly use YouTube as a research tool when shopping for apparel. And that research often leads to spending: the data revealed that 28 percent of those who conducted this video research went on to spend more than $500 over the past 6 months. By comparison, only 2 percent of non-video researchers spent this amount or more.¬†Among millennials, the target audience for many upscale beauty and fashion brands, these figures are even higher–and rising. And yet, the majority of brands still don’t take the time to optimize their brand’s content on the platform. By failing to make descriptions searchable, brands lose views to vloggers that informally test (and hopefully promote) their products. Incidentally, these videos mention product names, on average, 87 percent of the time.


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