This week, Dallas-based jewelry store Ylang23 is hosting a pop-up in Tribeca to meet shoppers in one of its major markets. It may be tempting to consider Ylang23 a local mom-and-pop as it has just one brick-and-mortar location, but the multi-brand retailer has built extensive global reach. It ships to 100 countries, and approximately 40% of its orders are from e-commerce, the majority of which are outside of Dallas according to founder and owner Joanne Teichman. Teichman adds that the reach of its online assets are even greater, as many consumers come into the store with a printout of what they want to buy or call the store instead of entering the credit card information.

Teichman – who won a Womens’ Jewelry Association Award in 2013 – says the idea to sell to reach shoppers online came as an extension of other touchpoints. Teichman had learned from a marketing professor about multichannel marketing and hitting the consumer at various touchpoints. When she and her husband Charles Teichman opened the store in 1985, she sent postcards, made phone calls and advertised on billboards. Later she added email, and 15 years ago launched a website starting with a simple six-page design. “I wanted to touch them in as many ways as possible,” Teichman says.

Once the consumer has been reached, the brand or retailer needs to recreate the in-store experience online. Teichman says she creates excitement around the jewelry with visuals. Each items is photographed worn on a model, and all orders qualify for two-day shipping to recreate the immediate thrill of purchase when buying an item in-store.

The popup will be open to the public Thursday to Saturday, daily from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Follow @ylang23 on Instagram for updates.

Ylang23 POP-IN NYC Invite

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