According to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Department Stores, most department store brands don’t think globally enough. For example, even though China accounts for about half of the revenue growth expected in the next five years, Spanish, French and English are the dominant language options on most sites.


International offerings have expanded since 2013, but still have room for improvement. The fraction of Index brands offering multiple browsing languages has increased from 20% to 38%, and the number of brands offering multiple languages has increased from 18% to 36%.


But what is the point of browsing an e-commerce site you can’t shop on? International shipping is even scarcer. Thirty-seven of e-commerce enabled Index brand sites don’t ship to any international destinations.


A few exceptions exist. Yoox and Lane Crawford are ahead of most brands in their international offerings. Yoox’s FAQ page detects and adapts to the user’s location, and tailors customer service contacts to the user’s origin. Lane Crawford ships to 231 countries and territories, and provides free international shipping along with Intermix, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and Yoox.

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