Marketing messages are evolving to forge a direct path to purchase for consumers. Mondelez recently announced plans to add a “Buy Now” button to digital media touchpoints including product pages, social media, video ads, CRM campaigns. Now Google is introducing a “click to shop” button to YouTube’s TrueView pre-roll ads. Building on the cards platform, this tool helps advertisers scale the manual process of connecting individual products with videos. After testing the new tool, home goods retailer Wayfair achieved a 3X revenue increase per impression served versus previous campaigns. Sephora has seen an 80% lift in consideration and a 54% lift in ad recall, according to Google.

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But even before the introduction of the click-to-shop button, brands had started connecting video to e-commerce. For example, Dick’s Sporting Goods tapped into World Cup enthusiasm with a 30-second spot that prompted calls to action linking to its Adidas Predator soccer shoe collection.

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Other brands have used YouTube tools to integrate links into their videos. Two minutes into Burberry’s “From London with Love,” a small, unobtrusive link appears in the upper left corner to prompts the viewer to explore the campaign on Instagram. Clicking on the icon reveals other images that link to the brand site and to iTunes to download the song featured in the video, encouraging more extensive engagement with the content.

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