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Our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Home Care report shows YouTube to be the second most popular platform for category brands after Facebook. 82% of brands in our Index are present on Facebook and 75% are present on YouTube. Instagram is the least popular platform which only 13% of brands use.

For Home Care brands, YouTube provides an opportunity to present reviews, how-tos, and commercials, but the most popular channels go beyond those basics. Swiffer was the most popular channel in the month of the study with 14,505,162 views. Dawn and Seventh Generation followed with 9,269,343 and 8,043,522 respective views. Swiffer broadcasts a series about Lee and Morty Kaufman, 90-year-olds who have been married for 40 years. The couple banters on the show while using Swiffer products. The reviews and guides cast users, which ads an approachable dimension.

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Dawn’s YouTube channel (part of the Dawn Saves Wildlife campaign) has videos of animals saved by the Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue narrated by Rob Lowe. A few of the videos have a storyline and cast the animals as characters. Others document their release into the wild. Seventh Generation’s channel has interviews with the founder and videos about new products. Its most-viewed video is commercial featuring a toddler running in a park with the brands’ Au Naturel diapers.

Home Care brands on average have less YouTube views than other categories such as Personal Care, but success stories suggest that a little creativity can go a long way.

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