More than 5 million hours of news video are watched on YouTube daily, and user-uploaded photos have comprised a major component of global events such as the Ferguson protests and the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Now YouTube is selecting the best of those pieces of eyewitness footage in a service called YouTube Newswire, complete with a dedicated Twitter feed and email newsletter.

YouTube’s new curation project highlights the competition for visibility on the saturated platform. While content is plentiful, quality videos can remain hidden from plain sight. That competition extends to brands as well, and a select few (Maybelline, Lacoste, Mercedes-Benz, and Ikea) have gained a lead in visibility by owning their competitors’ search terms. Here are the top ten brands in competitive search by category, according to L2’s latest Social Platforms study.

social-platforms-2014-top-ten-brands-youtube-competitive-search-advertisingL2’s Intelligence Report on Social Platforms shows auto brands to be the strongest overall in competitive search advertising, with 30% owning competitive brand terms.

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