AdClarity is a cross-channel programmatic ad intelligence solution that helps online media professionals uncover the digital advertising strategies of their competitors.

Boasting the largest global digital ad coverage in the industry, AdClarity provides deep ad intelligence insights across multiple digital channels: desktop, mobile, and video. In short, AdClarity helps brand advertisers and agencies make educated and informed decisions about their media buying strategies and benchmark competitor activities in various markets and advertising channels in order to ensure that their digital advertising campaign is successful and will bring in the desired results.

AdClarity tracks, monitors, and gathers information on the activities of millions of digital ads in over 20 countries on a daily basis. Our proprietary, patent-pending technology allows them to gather extensive advertising data, from advertiser and brand overview to campaign and ad creative performance analytics. For example, AdClarity can give you an overview of the digital advertising trends within any industry. Additionally, we can provide you with the most granular details for each individual campaign, including its deployment chain of ad platforms, creatives, total impressions, total ad spend, and more.