San Francisco

September 18, 2018

Research Briefing 2018 West Coast

Join us on September 18th for an invitation-only research briefing featuring Maureen Mullen, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Gartner L2, and digital experts from the Gartner for Marketers research team. The 3-part research briefing will cover: Agility, Influence Marketing and ROI on data investments.

Guests will enjoy drinks and networking opportunities with speakers and attendees before and after the event.<br><br>



Agility in the Digital Age

<br>Maureen Mullen, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Gartner L2<br>

In this session Gartner L2’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, Maureen Mullen, will discuss the future of brands in the digital marketplace. There is a strong correlation between an organization’s agility and its growth and profitability. With much of traditional brick-and-mortar in structural decline, how do brands and retailers embrace a future-forward strategy?


Social Platforms and Influencers<br>
Chelsea Gross, Associate Director of Client Strategy, Gartner L2<br>

For brands, the use of social media boils down to three main objectives: creating awareness, driving transactions, and providing customer service. This session will reveal how leading brands are connecting social platforms to commerce and whether or not influencers are living up to the hype when it comes to driving engagement and sales.


Data-Drive Marketing in the Age of Misinformation<br>

Christi Eubanks, Vice President, Gartner<br>

In the age of misinformation does data-driven marketing still matter? This session we will discuss how to build trust and bolster influence with the right data, how to deliver robust, reliable insights, and how to build strong arguments and communicate information that sticks with you consumers.



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