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The Gartner L2 Digital Leadership Academy is a two-day conference featuring tactical sessions for senior-level decision makers. Programs are led by globally recognized scholars and L2 research experts focused on business fundamentals and digital trends impacting organizations. L2 Members are encouraged to nominate promising digital leaders in their organization to attend the academy.  

Day 1 Wednesday, July 25, 2018

  • Agility in the Digital Age

    In this session, L2’s Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Maureen Mullen, will discuss the future of brands in the evolving digital marketplace and make data-driven predictions around where organizations should place their biggest bets. While L2 asserts Digital IQ drives shareholder value, there is arguably an even greater correlation between an organization’s agility and its growth and profitability. With much of traditional brick-and-mortar in structural decline, everyone is looking for business model alternatives. How do brands and retailers embrace a future-forward strategy?

  • Value in the Vertical

    In this session, Professor Marciano will provide an actionable definition of “strategy” and address when vertical integration creates value (Starbucks, Tiffany) and when it does not. She will also cover several examples of vertical integration in the media world and consider the industry’s increasing consolidation.

  • Option A: Conformity and the Enemies of Creativity

    Putting more minds together can be a good way to develop creative solutions to problems, but group dynamics in the work place can inhibit this process. In this session, Professor Pettit will teach you how to address these issues and unleash your group's untapped creative potential.

  • Option B: Beauty Sector Briefing

    In this session, Mabel McLean, L2’s Beauty Group Director will take attendees through the sector’s 2018 winners in Color Cosmetics, Skincare, and Fragrance. Mabel will pinpoint key strategies that have helped Beauty brands (both indie and heritage) excel online, with a focus on actionable takeaways that are relevant across sectors.

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain 101

    The increased attention towards cryptocurrencies and blockchains this past year has left many marketers eager to better understand the technology and its impact on businesses. In this session, Professor Arvind Narayanan will discuss how blockchains work and their potential to enhance businesses as well as disrupt industries. He will also explain why cryptocurrencies have market value and how we can learn to separate the hype from the underlying value proposition of bitcoin and other blockchain applications.

  • Augmented Reality 101

    Augmented reality (AR) integrates a computer-generated world of virtual media with a user's experience of the surrounding physical world. In this session, Professor Feiner will provide a high-level introduction to AR, its relationship to virtual reality (VR), and the increasingly important role it will play in our interactions with and through computers. He will explain the different kinds of AR displays, describe how they are tracked in 3D relative to the physical world, and present key use cases that AR makes possible.

  • Option A: Maximizing ROI on Analytics Investments

    Many organizations invest heavily in data analytics, yet struggle to realize a return on their investments. These firms suffer from a lack of both good data and technical skills, as well as a variety of structural issues. In this session, Professor Eggers will discuss three major impediments that hinder organizations from maximizing ROI on analytical investments and will explore the types of questions that analytics can and cannot answer, the implications of causality for strategic action, and the framework of a decision-centric organization.

  • Option B: Visual Literacy

    In this session, Gartner L2’s Chief Creative Officer, Katherine Dillon, will expose executives to the practical knowledge and critical skills needed to confidently make design decisions and work effectively with their creative teams. This session is intended for executives who do not have formal graphic design or visual arts training but recognize the powerful impact of visual narrative in their work.

  • Option A: Five Case Studies on Amazon Strategies

    Dear Marketers: A one-size-fits-all strategy on Amazon won’t cut it any longer. In this session, you’ll learn about best-in-class practices specific to different Amazon seller scenarios. For example, what should new brands be doing versus established brands? Is your challenge defending against aggressive indie brands or capturing share from larger competitors? And How should your Prime Day and holiday season marketing strategy differ from the rest of the year? 

  • Option B: Localization

    Despite the opportunities afforded by globalization, localizing strategies across regions in an ever-evolving digital environment remains challenging. Join Gartner L2’s APAC and Europe regional experts as they discuss how to achieve a productive balance between localization and global scale. You’ll also gain a leading advantage by harnessing pockets of innovation from abroad.

  • The Anatomy of Taste

    Culture has always played a role in shaping taste, but now technology is shaping our preferences in new and unexpected ways. In this session, Vikram Bhaskaran, Head of Market Development at Pinterest, will deconstruct how taste is formed, how tastemakers have evolved over time, and how brands can help define the modern consumers’ taste.

  • The Perfect Target Imperative

    Products and services with the lofty goal of “appealing to everyone” risk losing market share as consumers have an increasing array of choices. Mass players are being forced to shift focus in their product development efforts, while smaller brands continue to build followings in categories from beer to hotels to TV. In this session, Professor Hennessy will discuss why it’s never been more important to be clear on who your target market is and will provide strategies to understand and market to a particular group of consumers.

Day 2 Thursday, July 26, 2018

  • The Future of Work

    If robots are indeed coming for our jobs, should we lock the door or welcome them? In this session, Ann Kirschner will discuss the future of work, the drivers of technology, globalization, and demographics, and the winning strategies for the careers of the future.

  • Option A: Welcome to Optimism?

    With so many of our social, political and economic foundations in flux, brands have never been more important. In this session, David Terry, Head of Strategy at Wieden+Kennedy Portland, will argue that a brand is proof of humanity's need and will to create collective meaning from a collective experience. The value of that collective meaning is not only worth paying for but also worth paying attention to as we peer over the precipice of annihilation.

  • Option B: Big Box & CPG Sector Briefing

    In this session, Gartner L2 retail experts will present the state of big box retail and identify how CPG brands and retailers work together to drive growth. To help retailers and brands prioritize investments, this session will provide a data-driven perspective on how Amazon, Walmart, and Target invest across the digital ecosystem, identifying table stakes as well as accelerant, and bleeding-edge opportunities.

  • Option A: Lessons on Voice

    With promises of a hands-free futuristic lifestyle, Alexa and other voice assistants have captured our collective imagination. The medium has the capacity to transform the way we make decisions — from which products we buy to where we invest our money. In this talk, we will delve into the successes and failures of early movers on the platform and help brands navigate whether they should invest in a voice strategy.

  • Option B: Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World

    What makes some people so spectacularly innovative, producing triumph after triumph, often in fields in which they have no specialized training? In this session, leading innovation expert, Melissa A. Schilling, will delve deeply into the lives of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, Dean Kamen, Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, and Steve Jobs to identify the traits and experiences that led them to become serial breakthrough innovators—and might allow us to do the same.

  • Happiness and the Gorilla

    What’s the formula for a life well-lived? Melding personal experience with research from the fields of finance, psychology, and anthropology, Professor Galloway opines on the Algebra of Happiness.