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The Gartner L2 Digital Leadership Academy is a full-day conference focused on business fundamentals and digital trends impacting organizations today. Sessions are led by globally recognized thought leaders and Gartner L2 research analysts. Members are encouraged to send individuals who have been identified as high-potential emerging leaders within their companies.<p> <p>To request your ticket, please RSVP to<p>

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Agenda (In Progress)

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  • Dream Teams and the Science of Breakthrough Collaboration

    This keynote performance will change the way you think about people, progress, and collaboration. Shane takes audiences on a rollicking adventure, revealing the secrets of the world’s most successful teams and coalitions in history. You’ll learn about the surprising factor behind most failed mergers and marriages; how a certain method of fighting is more useful than brainstorming; how leveraging “cognitive diversity” helps groups outmatch competitors; the science of becoming open-minded—and the outsize effect it has on group success; and the counter-intuitive truths about becoming better team players ourselves.

  • Building a 'Genius' Marketing Analytics Organization

    Analytics professionals are a fixture of modern marketing departments, helping to operationalize marketing and customer data. Marketers have high expectations for their teams’ digital maturity and adoption of big data. These aspirations are motivating marketing leaders to aggressively fill quant roles. This session explores questions marketing leaders must answer, including: How do you build a team today that is adaptive and equipped to solve the problems of tomorrow? • What role profiles should you fill on your marketing analytics team? • How do you identify top talent? • How do you build your team’s skills for the future?

  • Upper Class Income, Middle Class Identification: Decoding the Core Values of the Affluent Consumer

    Affluent consumers ($250k HHI ) are crucial for brands. Problem is: Most brands target affluent consumers with imagery and messaging that not only fails to resonate with but actually alienates higher-income consumers. In this session, you’ll learn: What truly matters to the affluent consumer; Why is it so important to get affluent consumer right; How can you align brand values and messages with affluent consumers' priorities.

  • The Future of Retail Through the Lens of China

  • Building Loyalty Through Salient Experience Design

    While virtually every organization has prioritized “customer experience” as a critical differentiator, the vast majority of CX projects have created disappointing results. The explanation? Most companies have grossly misinterpreted the concept of “brand connection”—what it is, where it comes from and how to activate it. In this session, you will learn how to capitalize on the science of salience to create memorable experiences that will lead to stronger brand connection and customer loyalty.

  • Five Psychological Principles to Inform a Successful Instagram Strategy

    With social channels now one of the primary routes to ecommerce, it’s more vital than ever that brands understand the underlying dynamics that underpin a successful strategy. In this talk, we’ll learn how to apply five of the psychological principles that drive engagement on this platform. From persuasive content to dopamine loops, you’ll come away with scientific insights taken from real examples that you can use to take your Instagram strategy to the next level.

  • Amazon

  • Gen Z

    Gen Z — digital and social media natives — have defined their own rules for digital communication. Brands that wish to engage with this important cohort fail to follow those rules at their own peril. In this session, you’ll learn how culture combines with generational DNA to shape Gen Z’s digital world, which platforms and content types appeal to Gen Z and how to create content Gen Z finds worthy of sharing.

  • Building Blocks for Best-in-Class Personalization Campaigns

    Marketing leaders are heavily invested in scaling personalization. Rather than focusing on building one-to-one capabilities, consumer perceptions of personalization point to a more extensible approach. Marketers who build “tailored help” — personalized messages that provide valuable assistance or support while using a limited number of consumer data dimensions — achieve higher-impact results. In this session, you'll explore the following questions: o What is the commercial potential of “tailored help,” and what are real-world examples? o How can you create a framework for building this type of personalized message? o How can you select the highest-potential data dimensions to amplify your personalization results?

  • Navigating The Waters of the Immersive Web

    As marketers continue to seek new and more effective ways to engage consumers with digital context, they face a confusing array of options, from tried and try favorites like video to an alphabet soup of emerging technologies such as Augment Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and MR (mixed reality). In this session, we will lay out Garter’s POV on nice vs need to have technologies and how to navigate the waters of the Immersive Web from experimentation to deployment a scale, underpinned by best and worst in class market examples.

  • Contagious: Why Things Catch On

    Why do some things catch on? Why do people talk about certain products and ideas more than others? This talk reveals the secret science behind word-of-mouth and social transmission. Discover how six basic principles drive all sorts of things to become popular. If you’ve ever wondered why certain stories get shared, brands get more word of mouth, or ideas spread wildly, this talk will explain why, and show how to leverage these ideas to craft contagious content.