The L2 Digital Leadership Academy, led by faculty from NYU Stern, Kellogg School of Management, Harvard Business School, and L2 researchers, is a two-day conference rooted in business fundamentals coupled with tactical sessions on digital topics.

Companies are encouraged to send individuals who have been identified as high-potential emerging leaders within their companies. 400+ participants from the world’s iconic retail, beauty, CPG, OTC, luxury, big box brands with titles including but not limited to—VP’s, directors, senior managers and team leaders are encouraged to attend.

This is a member-only event.


Day 1 Wednesday, July 19, 2017

  • The Four - What To Do

    Scott Galloway
    Founder and Chairman, L2; Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern

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    Worth more than $2.3 trillion combined, the big four (Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google) continue to grab share from media companies, brands, and retailers. Scott Galloway Professor of Marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business, and Founder of L2, will showcase how the traditional rules of business don’t apply to the Big Four and identify ways that brands and companies can fight back.

  • Reinventing Business

    Sunil Gupta
    Professor of Business Administration and Chair of the General Management Program / Harvard Business School

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    The fact that digital technology disrupts existing businesses is no longer news. We have seen many incumbents struggle as new and nimble players emerge with innovative business models. In this session we will discuss how firms should reinvent their business to thrive in the digital era

  • Whitespaces in Digital

    Merijn Helle
    Vice President, Fashion & Retail, SAP

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    This session with highlight the signature issues plaguing organizations, their impact on performance and viability, the consequences on customer service excellence and brand loyalty, and what to do to get it right.

  • Option A: The Triumph of the General Store

    Jack Hanlon
    VP of Data Analytics / 

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    Looking at the history of retail in America, from the local "general store" all the way to VR and conversational commerce, what can we learn about who tomorrow's successes and failures will be and how can we position our businesses appropriately? Is the future of retail really just a twist on its own past?

  • Option B: Digital Marketing Strategy: The Power of Strategic Discipline

    Christie Nordhielm
    Professor of Marketing / Kellogg School of Management

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    In recent years, digital tools and metrics available for advertisers have proliferated, so much so that the marketing environment is complex and overwhelming. This proliferation has increased confusion not just among marketers, but often among the consumers they are seeking to serve. In order to make effective use of this growing toolkit, marketers must ensure that their approach is driven by strategy, not tactics. In this session we will review a marketing framework designed to streamline digital marketing decision-making and ensure the integration of execution and strategy. Companies have utilized this framework across a variety of industries to develop a disciplined and efficient approach to marketing strategy and execution.

  • Bigger is Not Always Better

    Sonia Marciano
    Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations, NYU Stern

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    In recent years, there has been a palpable shift in the nature of the US economy. Corporations are getting bigger at an unprecedented rate. The percent of US corporate income earned by the 100 largest firms is at a staggering 85%. Facebook has 77% of mobile social traffic, Amazon controls 45% of US e-commerce, and Google has an 88% market share in search advertising. We can connect the shift in the business landscape to the observation that Americans today are highly divided economically, socially, and philosophically.

  • Option A: What Makes a Product Irresistible?

    Adam Alter
    Associate Professor of Marketing & Psychology, NYU Stern

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    Why do some products and experiences succeed for months and years while others are only attractive for days or weeks? Products are more likely to be successful in the long run when they incorporate a number of tools and techniques that, research has shown, tend to make them irresistible. In this session, Adam Alter will explain what those tools are, how they can be used and will point to a number of businesses that have used them successfully in the past.

  • Option B: Social Platforms & Video

    Taylor Malmsheimer
    Senior Associate, Client Strategy, L2

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    Mike Froggatt
    Director, Intelligence Group, L2

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    In this session, L2 will highlight key trends in the rapidly evolving world of social media and video. The session will approach these channels through the lens of a consumer journey, helping retailers and brands understand how to leverage social and video channels to drive actions across all aspects of the traditional purchase funnel, from awareness and engagement to lower-funnel goals like conversion and advocacy.

  • Option A: Building Firm Culture

    Nathan Pettit
    Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations / NYU Stern

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    Being culturally consistent at all levels of an organization is key to presenting a strong and authentic public image. Cultural is also critical to firm performance. However, while the term cultural is widely used, truly understanding a firm's culture and being able to manage it is a deceptively difficult. This session should help attendees understand how to diagnose firm culture, consider how behaviors, structures, and messaging can either be aligned or misaligned to support a firm's culture, and examine the role of leadership in cultural reinforcement and/or change

  • Option B: Ranking Brands on Amazon

    Cooper Smith
    Director of Amazon IQ Research / L2

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    Mabel McLean
    Group Director, Beauty, L2

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    Amazon is winning the retail wars but which brands are winning on Amazon? In this session, L2 will run through the leaders, laggards, and fast-movers in major categories and highlight case studies of successful strategies on Amazon.

Day 2 Thursday, July 20, 2017

  • Skills for the Workforce of the Near Future

    Chandrika Tandon
    NYU Board of Trustees and former partner at Mckinsey and Company / NYU Stern

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  • Option A: Leading Change

    Lisa Leslie
    Professor of Management and Organizations / NYU Stern

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    Change is necessary for organizations to remain competitive, yet difficult to implement successfully. This session will provide a roadmap for creating lasting change in organizations as well as specific tips and strategies leaders can use to prevent others from resisting change initiative.

  • Option B: Omnichannel Retail

    Harrison Lewin
    Client Strategy, L2

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    Chad Bright
    Sector Lead - Big Box, Department Stores, CPG / L2

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    In this session L2 retail experts will present their viewpoint on the state of omnichannel retail, including the increasing demand for omnichannel experiences from consumers. We will then look at how omnichannel retail manifests itself across the globe, across industries and the emerging threat of pureplay retailers moving from online to offline. Lastly, in an effort to help retailers prioritize their omnichannel investments, L2 will provide our perspectives on which omnichannel capabilities are tablestakes, which are accelerants, and which are bleeding edge opportunities.

  • Option A: How Advances in FinTech Will Impact Business

    Kathleen DeRose
    FinTech Executive-In-Residence / NYU Stern

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    In this session, attendees will walk away with an understanding of how FinTech innovations are impacting business from automation to platform strategies.

  • Option B: Implementing Your Global Digital Strategies

    Laura Cochran
    Vice President, TransPerfect

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    In this session, we will explore the many considerations and challenges of the cross-border journey, from market entry to digital marketing and social media strategies.

  • Option A: Winning in China

    Danielle Bailey
    Head of APAC Research, L2

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    Jo Lu
    Director of APAC Client Strategy, L2

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    This session will provide the keys for brands to navigate China’s dynamic and fragmented, yet highly connected digital landscape with a focus on proven social, e-commerce and digital marketing strategies. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to bridge the gap between global headquarters, Chinese business units, strategy setting, and execution.

  • Option B: Achieving Relevance through Loyalty and Personalization

    Giulia Prati
    Associate Director of Research, Beauty

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    Evan Neufeld
    VP of Intelligence, L2

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    This session will provide key digital strategies and best practices for brands to connect with consumers and increase sales through loyalty offerings and personalization strategies in today’s hyper-competitive retail environment.

  • The Digital Organization

    Maureen Mullen
    Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, L2

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    A crucial challenge facing organizations undergoing digital transformation is how to attract and retain key digital talent. In this session, Maureen Mullen will examine brands' efforts to bring digital to the center of their organization and explore how they are elevating digital leadership roles without silo-ing teams and expertise. While some companies promote digital professionals from within and others recruit externally, all compete with major technology companies in the ensuing war for talent.