What does membership include?

L2 membership is an annual commitment and provides you and your organization with access to the following resources:

  • Benchmarking Indexes. L2’s Benchmarking Indexes rank brands on the quality of their digital investments. Members receive an in-person Deep Dive customized to their business needs that helps them to understand their score and determine strategies for investment.
  • Research Reports. L2 publishes more than 120 reports annually, including cross-sector Intelligence Reports and topical Insight Reports. Members also have access to L2’s entire archive of research from past years.
  • Member Support. L2 advisors provide members with the support they need to make key decisions and assess digital initiatives, offering dynamic guidance as improvements are implemented.
  • Executive Education. L2 hosts more than 65 events around the world each year, bringing together top scholars, thought leaders, and L2 analysts to share insights and speak on important developments in the digital sphere.

If I subscribe to your newsletter am I a member?

No. L2 offers a variety of newsletters to keep you up to speed on our research, including the Winners & Losers video series and our founder Scott Galloway’s personal newsletter, No Mercy / No Malice. Signup is free, and we encourage non-members to subscribe to these newsletters for a glimpse into our research.

These newsletters cover only a small fraction of L2’s insights and signup does not constitute membership. L2 membership is an annual commitment that provides our clients with unrestricted access to hundreds of reports, dozens of annual events, and brand-specific insights from L2 analysts. To discuss membership, please reach out to membership@l2inc.com.

Can I buy a ticket to your events?

No. L2 members receive tickets to more than 50 events held annually across the globe. Event tickets are a component of membership and cannot be purchased separately.

Can I buy a single research report?

No. Like event tickets, report access is a benefit exclusive to L2 members. Members have unlimited access to more than 120 annual reports and a full archive of research from past years.

What is the difference between DIQ, CIQ and AIQ?

The L2 Digital IQ Index (DIQ) is a report that benchmarks brands against competitors within their industry. Analyzing thousands of data points related to digital performance, the Index assesses how brands stack up against their peers online. Members receive a brand-specific Deep Dive that explains what affected their score and discusses areas for future investment.

The L2 Category IQ Index (CIQ) benchmarks multi-brand online retailers within a specific product category. Brands use Category IQs to evaluate their distribution partners, track their search visibility on retail platforms, and understand differences in the way their products are merchandised across retailers—including variations in pricing, product ratings, and assortments. Retailers use Category IQs to optimize their pricing, product assortment, and co-op advertising.

The L2 Amazon IQ Index (AIQ) is a quarterly benchmark based on Amazon product rank, volatility, and number of Best Sellers.


How does L2 decide which brands to rank in its Digital IQ reports?

L2’s Digital IQ Indexes evaluate brands within a single sector that are likely to have similar business models and online objectives. To provide the most relevant coverage, L2 selects a subset of brands that are representative of the sector as a whole. This allows us to assess brands fairly and identify best practices that can be generalized across the sector.

Does your methodology change across sectors?

Yes. L2’s dynamic methodology is calibrated to reflect differences in marketing priorities among sectors. All Indexes are based on a shared framework that subscores brands across four dimensions—Site & E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile. Within these dimensions, different data points and score weights are used depending on the sector. Data points like Search Visibility and Site Content Sophistication are calculated using approaches that have been carefully tailored to each sector.

If my brand is ranked in your report am I entitled to access to the report?

No. Regardless of whether your brand has been ranked, full report access is limited to L2 members. For brands considering membership, we are happy to provide research excerpts upon request.

Where does your data come from?

L2’s data comes from a variety of sources. Using data specialists and automated tools, we collect and warehouse in-house data on a daily basis for longitudinal analyses. For more specialized data, L2 teams up with a robust network of data partners with expertise in specific platforms and data collection methods.


How do I inquire about having an L2 expert speak at my company event?

L2 experts are available for speaking engagements at internal and external company events. For more information about rates, topics, and availability, please navigate to the L2 Speakers page in the events tab of the site header and click the green Inquire About Engagements button.


How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log into your account, navigate to the Member Login page and click Forgot your password? beneath the Member Login button.

If you are logged in and wish to update your password, hover over your username in the L2 site header and select My Preferences from the drop-down menu. Use the Change Password field to select a new password.

Where can I subscribe to research emails?

You can subscribe to any of our mailing lists by completing the form found here. You can navigate to this page by clicking Email Signup in the L2 site header.

Can I share reports internally?

Yes. L2 membership is on an organizational basis and is not limited to one individual within your company. Feel free to share our reports with the rest of your team. However, you may not circulate our reports outside of your organization.

How do I post a job on the job board?

Members can post jobs here. You can navigate to this page by clicking Jobs Board in the L2 site header. To post a job, click the green Post A Job button in the top right-hand corner of the Jobs Board.

Can I post a job on the site without being a member?

No. While all visitors to the L2 site can access the Jobs Board to browse and apply to current openings, only member organizations can post jobs.

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