Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index  April 4, 2017

Beauty France 2017

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While the prestige Beauty market grew six percent globally in 2016, it contracted by three percent in France, hamstrung by a sluggish economy and declining tourist footfall in Paris. Sales across major categories are anemic, with only small trending subcategories on the rise, propelled by their popularity among global influencers. Though a handful of brands actively devise new strategies in the region, the market as a whole waits cautiously as Sephora and local pharmacies begin to pave the way for new competitors—both large and small—to muscle into the French market.

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Beauty UK and France 2017

April 26, 2017

Social media and cross-border e-commerce are allowing Beauty trends to globalise rapidly. In France, trends like matte liquid lipstick, eyebrow products, and highlighters–popularized by major influencers like Kylie Jenner and Huda Kattan–are the only areas of growth in an otherwise slumping Beauty market. Meanwhile, in the UK, Fast Beauty brands like Sleek Makeup are capitalizing on these trends and offering UK consumers a comparable product for a fraction of the cost. Responding to consumer expectations, brands are increasing shipping options and site features that translate to in-store traffic and superior research experiences. The Beauty EU studies attempt to quantify the digital competence of 151 Beauty brands across four product categories: Skincare, Colour Cosmetics, Fragrance and Nail that operate in the UK and France.

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