Intelligence Report  October 23, 2018

Data & Targeting 2018

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Concerns about data privacy are at a fever pitch in the wake of highly publicized breaches. Subsequent regulations in Europe and the U.S. are constricting the customer data brands can store, signaling that no personalization tactic is sacrosanct. In the face of these developments, brands must rethink their entire approach to data collection, notification and targeting—or risk losing the trust and attention of their audience.

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L2 Research Briefing


This Gartner L2 breakfast briefing will review the approach and performance of brands across seven verticals on data capture, personalization and targeting in the wake of stricter privacy requirements and consumer demands for transparency. Gartner L2 will look beyond owned sites and examine how best in class brands navigate new regulations to build targeted campaigns across digital marketing channels. Case studies of best practices and data from our Intelligence report will be shared.

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Evan Bakker Senior Associate, Intelligence Group

Evan Neufeld VP, Intelligence Group / Gartner L2

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