Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index  April 11, 2017

Mobile Operators Europe 2017

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Undercut by a decade of price competition, European mobile operators are scrambling to differentiate their plans with new services and partner offerings. However, speculative investments in everything from music streaming services to mobile payments have come at the cost of essential e-commerce and digital marketing investments, creating confusing sites and weak social media presences. As operators continue to build costly in-house services that pit them against Internet giants like Netflix and Spotify, many are neglecting the basics. L2's first annual Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators Europe report benchmarks the performance of 29 operators in seven countries.

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Mobile Operators Europe 2017: Chasing Partnerships

April 12, 2017

E.U. Mobile Operators can differentiate their products by offering various digital services they create both in-house and through partnerships with third-party providers. Digital TV services are the most widely adopted, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators Europe. Cloud storage services are also popular, offered by nearly half of operators. Some brands are also trying to create their own music streaming services despite Spotify’s clear dominance of the area.

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