Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index  September 20, 2018

Pet Care US 2018

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) organizations are racing to capture the growth of the pet care industry. As ingredient-conscious pet care shoppers continue to shift toward digital channels, enterprises are targeting fast-growing pet care brands with e-commerce prowess to compensate for slowing legacy businesses. Some established pet care brands have met shifting consumer demands with product innovation and new messaging. However, smaller, more premium brands dominate the digital shelf across e-commerce platforms. To navigate the intense competition of the pet care category, brands must remain nimble in identifying, prioritizing and scaling digital investments.

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Pet Care US 2018

October 15, 2018

L2 Research Briefing


Join us on October 18th for a webinar discussing key findings from our annual Digital IQ Index: Pet Care US 2018 report. The briefing will include data-driven insights and best practices specific to the pet care sector to help inform brands' digital marketing and e-commerce investment decisions. To register, follow the link below:

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