Insight Report  December 15, 2014

Security Breaches 2014

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An estimated one out of ten security breaches in 2013 took place in the Retail sector. While a brand’s strategy and success extends to its ability to foster consumer trust, Retail is behind in data security preparedness.

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Winners & Losers: Facebook, Disney, Hackers, Children

January 21, 2015

Scott Galloway calls Facebook a winner because of its status as the world’s second largest mobile marketer behind Google. Facebook acquisitions – 13-person Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 and messaging service Whatsapp for $19 billion last year – position it a leader in messaging and social. Instagram is now valued between $20 and $40 billion. Facebook is surpassing god: its reach is 2.4x that of Apple and the Catholic Church. Disney is on its way to become a successful tech company as CEO Bob Iger mandates each division to have a CTO. A few developments as a result of this focus on tech: Disney visitors can request RFID wristbands that enable them to enter the park, charge merchandise, and unlock the door to their hotel rooms. And a Mickey Mouse-branded Apple Watch is in the works. Cyber crime is multiplying while physical crime has plummeted. Why? An algorithm for success in the crime marketplace developed by Scott Galloway shows digital attacks are more profitable. For more on cybercrime see full video and L2’s Insight Report: Security Breaches. View More: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Signup for updates:

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