Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index  November 14, 2018

Wealth Management US 2018

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Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index

Financial institutions are failing to prioritize emerging affluents, even as they rapidly expand their share of national wealth, creating a gap between customer expectations and existing services. Fintech disruptors are stepping in to court millennials and Gen Xers, and legacy wealth management brands are responding by launching tech‑centric offerings with abandon. But deploying high-tech, high-touch offerings as a hedge against the perceived threat from fintechs obscures deeper, more systemic issues specific to the digital marketing apparatus of these legacy players versus their potential usurpers. The Gartner L2 Digital IQ Index: Wealth Management US 2018 assesses the digital competence of 60 brands operating in the U.S. to provide a robust tool that diagnoses digital strengths and weaknesses of financial institutions in light of these broader trends.

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November 12, 2018

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