Deep category insights and brand specific opportunities.

Modules focus on benchmarking and digital best practices, blending data-driven insights and performance analysis across industries to identify brand-specific risks and opportunities. Modules include longitudinal tracking and benchmarking with actionable insights to shape strategy. Similar to Deep Dives, Strategy Modules provide organizations with a clear sense of where they are on the innovation curve, and an ongoing metric to track progress and maximize their return on digital investments.


Content & Commerce

Insight into the current state of content investments and commerce integration though digital channels. It highlights best practices to develop content that resonates with consumers through a conversion oriented purchase path.


Data & Targeting

Reviews 100+ key data points to help brands find the right balance between data collection, deploying data in their targeted marketing efforts, and leveraging content to provide a more personalized consumer experience.



Benchmarks loyalty initiatives by examining program visibility, structure, communication, and integration and provides insights on how to leverage a loyalty program to encourage consumer engagement and personalize the shopping experience.



Strategies and best-in-class examples for localizing content and meeting consumer expectations across the key variables of pricing, products, promotion, and content.


Omnichannel Retail

Evaluates the connections between physical and digital channels by reviewing data points across site and store integration, shipping and fulfillment, mobile enablement, and the retail organization.

Social Content & Strategy

Benchmarks performance across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Focusing on a brand’s ability to deliver platform-appropriate campaigns to drive awareness, social advocacy, and purchase decisions.


Customized Research

60 – 80 slide PowerPoint deck with actionable, brand-specific recommendations

Expert Presentation

2 – 3 hour in-person delivery by Gartner L2 strategists to senior leadership teams

Ongoing Support

5 – 10 hours of follow up strategic support

Strategy Module Clients