Winners & Losers September 28, 2017

Big Tech’s Perfect Storm



Society treats Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google as a universal good. But how do we pay our soldiers, firefighters, and teachers if a firm can ascend to $468 billion in value -- fifth in the world -- without paying any meaningful corporate taxes?

(0:38) L2 Analysis of Amazon 10Ks and Walmart Annual Reports.
(0:48) “Amazon Market Cap History (AMZN),” macrotrends, September 2017.
(0:48) YCharts, September 2017.
(0:59) “Amazon Market Cap History (AMZN),” macrotrends, September 2017.
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(2:26) “The Fortune 500’s 10 Most Profitable Companies,” Fortune, June 2017.
(3:09) StatCounter Global Stats, August 2017.
(3:14) Alphabet's 2016 10-K Filing and Zenith.
(3:33) “Google’s EU Fine Is a Small Price to Pay for Scale,” The Wall Street Journal. June 2017.

Song - MISSIO - Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea

Episode 143

Scott Galloway Founder, L2 inc; Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern

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