Winners & Losers February 26, 2015

Chinese Skip Email & the Power of Loyalty



Winners and Losers Episode 17 - One in seven Americans received a Starbucks card in the 2014 holiday season, making the brand a winner with $1.1 billion in revenue (of $16.4 billion total) from just gift cards. Other Starbucks wins: Seven million mobile transactions a week - or 16.7% of all mobile transactions - are made at the chain.

Only half of China’s population uses email. Just 44% of marketing messages are deliverable as a result, making mobile messaging companies the winner. WeChat is the fastest growing platform in the East and West with 468 million users, and is becoming the most effective way to reach consumers.

Families are winning in China, as 2.8 billion people in the country traveled home for the Chinese New Year vs. 48.3 million Americans.

Minorities and women lost the Oscars, as 25 women and nine non-white ethnicities were nominated, compared to 102 men and 118 white nominees. The gender gap was prominent in the academy, with 77% of voters being men. The real loser, Scott Galloway says, is anybody who had to sit through the show. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more.

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