Conversations & Insights October 16, 2015

Consumer Electronics 2015



With various business models and competing purchase channels in constant flux from rapid innovation, consumer electronics is a complex industry. Not only are new technologies quickly copied and commoditized, but there is also a much higher rate of abandonment at each stage of the buying process compared to other product categories. Smartphones, however, are a different story, with brands like Apple and Samsung drawing unmatched brand loyalty. The two behemoths currently represent over 35 percent of devices shipped annually and are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the next big opportunity–“the Internet of Things.” Few brands demonstrate comparable competency in critical areas like app development, lifestyle marketing, and post-purchase customer engagement. The 2015 Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics U.S. assesses the digital performance of 58 Consumer Electronic brands within eight distinct operating segments in the U.S. This report examines how brands stack up along various facets of digital, including e-commerce, CRM, search marketing, and social media initiatives.

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