Research March 8, 2012

Dior: Flash of Genius


L2, authors of the Digital IQ Index, count down 2011's most innovative programs from prestige brands across all digital media—site, social media, mobile, and digital advertising.

#5: Dior
In May, Dior had approximately 700,000 fans on Facebook. By early September, it hit the 5 million mark, passing iconic brands like Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Dolce & Gabbana along the way.

Dior accomplished two impressive feats with this growth. First, it became one of the top-5 largest prestige communities on Facebook, competing with Facebook heavy weights Burberry and Gucci, whose early investments have been hard to match.

Even more remarkable is while Dior used advertising to jumpstart this growth, the brand managed to maintain a high level of engagement due to a smart content strategy that included visually highlighting products from each of its business lines.

As Dior’s page skyrocketed, the percentage of its community responding by “liking” or “commenting” on brand posts remained constant. Dior is one of the first to master the balance of size and engagement.

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