Winners & Losers February 25, 2016

Facebook for Emotion, Google for Intent



A winner: the Apple Watch. While the media has portrayed the product as a total failure, that “failure” is approximately a $6 billion business for Apple. The brand now owns two-thirds of the smartwatch market – making Samsung the loser in this scenario.

More losers: TV and the Super Bowl. Rather than paying for costly TV spots amid declining viewership, brands should consider alternative advertising platforms including Snapchat, where Gatorade’s Super Bowl-inspired lens was a big winner.

In terms of predicting election results, the winner is Google. Searches of presidential candidates in the New Hampshire area corresponded closely to the outcome of the state’s primary. But if Facebook likes were votes, the outcome would have been far different.

Today’s final winner: humanity. Life expectancy and literacy numbers are at all-time highs, while poverty rates have fallen. Despite the seemingly endless barrage of negative news coverage, humans are doing better than ever.

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