Research June 30, 2016

Flash of Genius: Charlotte Tilbury



Charlotte Tilbury tags its videos with need-based terms. So when a consumer searches, “how to cover up birthmarks”, Tilbury’s videos are among the top organic search results—usually dominated by vloggers or dermatologist videos.

Outside of YouTube, display ads target skincare problems specifically, so consumers see ads for terms like “dry skin” or “dark circles”.

When consumers click on the ad, they’re directed to on-site content, where they see shoppable tutorials—that feature Tilbury herself—and link directly to other looks curated by Charlotte Tilbury.

This strategy has paid off: Charlotte Tilbury averages over 57,000 organic views on each video, which is 5th among 41 beauty brands in L2’s Video Intelligence Report.

More impressive: just ten percent of those views come from TrueView in-stream advertising.

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