Winners & Losers October 6, 2016

Glam Days are Over



Scott Galloway presents the week's biggest winners and losers in digital:

Loser: Mode Media, which imploded last week - three years after being valued at $1 billion. The online publisher's collapse speaks to the difficulties niche media platforms face.

Loser: Google. Despite owning a massive head start in messaging, the tech giant squandered that lead and is now trying to play catch-up with third-party app Allo.

Winner: KIND, the fastest-growing brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index:Food. The snack bars are bestsellers on Amazon, testifying to KIND's strategy of focusing on e-tailers alongside traditional grocery stores.

Loser: Facebook. The company overestimated video viewing time by 60-80%, motivating brands to rethink their investments in video advertising.

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