Conversations & Insights August 27, 2013

Google+ Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon


Since the launch of Google+ two years ago, the platform has generally been dismissed by those who argue that the network offers very little to no added value in the social space. We here at L2 openly agreed with that take and for the past two years predicted the gradual decline of Google+, both as a marketing channel for brands and as a social channel for users. In the video interview above, L2 founder Scott Galloway discusses the current and near-future trajectory for the social site and admits that he and the greater public underestimated Google+'s longevity--and its influence for brands. Because it sits prominently in Google's all-powerful 'ecosystem', which includes not just but Gmail and Google Hangouts as well, Galloway points out that Google+ is perfectly situated for success, despite its relative lack of original features and services.

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