Conversations & Insights November 18, 2014

Highlights From L2’s Germany Personal Care Study (Video)



Along with the Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | Germany,

L2 released an animated video with highlights from the study. Here are a few:

– The dominance of grocery discounters has stunted the development of supermarkets in Germany. Services such as click-and collect are not as prevalent as they are in France and the U.K. This has left the Personal Care e-commerce field wide open for Amazon, which has captured more than a quarter of the online retail market.

– Germans are unique in their payment preferences. Forty-two percent prefer to pay on account while just 8% like to use credit cards.

– Procter & Gamble has made digital investments in Germany, with a cross-brand, direct-to-consumer e-commerce site

– Germans are less active on social media than their counterparts in France and the UK. Just 17% of Personal Care brands in the study have a German Twitter account vs. 81% of brands in the UK study.

– Even vlogger collaborations such as Garnier’s have failed to bring meaningful activity to Germany’s dry social media environment.

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