Conversations & Insights April 8, 2015

Highlights From L2’s Media (R)evolution Clinic



Speakers discuss new and changing media consumption habits at L2’s Media (R)evolution clinic:

L2 media fellow Steve Youngwood speaks about the bifurcating class system in media. Media brands are gravitating towards either a premium model (well-defined brand, subscription revenue and premium advertising) or one with enormous reach, low cost content, and sophisticated targeting.

LUMA Partners CEO Terry Kawaja says technology is the new editor, as algorithms will decide what will go viral and what to publish.

L2 researcher Mabel McLean says for many Super Bowl advertisers, their strategy to drive traffic to online assets supporting their television ad spots was just as important as the ads themselves.

Performics VP of Performance Media Leo Dalakos says millennials would rather be without a toothbrush than a mobile phone.

Sharablee CEO Tania Yuki says media influencers can multiply social interaction on a piece of branded content by 10.

L2 Founder Scott Galloway says Apple is the world’s greatest luxury brand, and the only technology company who has successfuly expanded its margins.

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